Code RMG is an integrated solution to equip garments with technology that can improve its time to market and enhance its operational efficiency.
Considering the largescale production in ready-made garments, a small defect may consume a lot of time causing an entire process to be re-run. In addition, the per unit worker productivity cannot be measured accurately. Code RMG offers advanced sensors and imaging technology. It places sensors on each of the machines which record data and update it in a cloud database.
The goal is to automate the ready-made garments industry to ensure faster production and higher quality. Consistent standards can be maintained based on the available data. It will reduce wastage and determine the worker productivity with accuracy. This will allow the global RMG industry to not just cut costs and enhance quality but also become more environment friendly.

How can it help ?

  • Accurately monitor and measure time taken per unit by each worker in the assembly line to identify areas on process and people improvement.
  • Imaging technology to scan products for loose thread, wrong cutting and sewing, misplaced buttons and hooks etc.
  • Also analyses trend of defects to identify areas of process improvement.