Output in the aquaculture industry is often compromised due to unhealthy pond conditions and high mortality rate. Code Aquarium automates the aquaculture industry to eliminate these issues.
Code Aquarium offers a smart fish monitoring system that records data and updates it in a cloud database. The system keeps the client informed about the optimal pond conditions for each type of fish and offers suggestions on pond maintenance in different seasons.
The smart software allows the client to enjoy increased fish reproduction and lower mortality rate. It can help increase the overall efficiency of the industry and increase aquaculture exports all over the world.

How can it help ?

  • Provide alarm or warning for any sudden degradation of water quality.
  • Provide suggestion to client on the best/ optimum climate/ water condition for each pond (for particular fish type).
  • Provide suggestion on pond maintenance at different seasons (winter/ summer/ rainy conditions).
  • Overall, increase fish reproduction and growth and lower mortality rate.